7 Strongest WWE Wrestlers of 2021

7 Strongest WWE Wrestlers of 2021

Wrestling is entertainment at its finest and never fails to deliver high-octane drama alongside mighty moves. No matter what your favourite part of wrestling is – the extravagant entrance themes, the chair to the back, or the almighty finisher moves – the question on everyone’s lips is, “Who is the strongest wrestler?”. There are several different wrestling bodies out there, but we are focusing primarily on WWE for the sake of this article. If you carry on reading, you will find ten powerful wrestlers and why they make this list.

Brock Lesnar

First up, we have Brock Lesnar, who is a martial artist turned WWE wrestler. This unit is renowned for his wins in the WWE and UFC and has held the WWE Universal Champion title the longest. He has won the heavyweight category in the NCAA, the UFC, and WWE across his eight world champion wins. As well as these outstanding titles, he claimed the title spot at Royal Rumble (2003) and King of the Ring (2002).

No matter who Lesnar goes up against, he can smash them across the ring and come out victorious. This ability comes from his pure strength and power, which helped him secure a global fanbase. If you ever find yourself locked in the cage with Lesnar, you should turn around and run away!

Unfortunately, unless you’ve already caught Lesnar in the ring, you will be waiting a considerable amount of time for his next appearance. He has announced an extended hiatus, which means he won’t be drafted into the WWE schedule next year.

Braun Strowman

All you have to do is take one look at Braun Strowman’s arms, and you know that he’s not easily matched. There’s no surprise that Strowman sits among the most powerful wrestlers, seeing as though he had a great career as a pro strongman before he became a wrestler. His background as a champion strongman means that he can lift cars, which makes his opponents easy pickings. As a wrestler, his titles include a double Raw Tag Team Champion, one-time titles held in the Intercontinental Champion and the Universal Champion.

John Cena

Even if you don’t know wrestling, you’ve likely seen John Cena in movies, including 2021’s Suicide Squad reboot. Interestingly, John Cena became a wrestler because it was the only acting job he could secure – given his size. When this powerhouse wants to achieve something, he will do it. This mentality has seen him lifting the likes of Kane and Brock Lesner. If you wish to watch the man in action, check out his finishing move here, where he simultaneously lifts the mighty Edge and Big Show.

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The wrestling warrior Kane certainly knew how to make a dramatic entrance, which had the potential to put people on edge. Although historically associated with the iconic red mask, he dropped the look back in 2003. Kane has held an impressive collection of titles, including the ECW Championship and the WWF Championship. Cumulatively, Kane holds records for the most eliminations – with his remarkable number sitting at 46. On his own, Kane is a force to be reckoned with, but when he’s paired up with The Undertaker, the “Brothers of Destruction” are unstoppable.

As well as being an iconic wrestler, Kane did the unthinkable and became the Mayor of Knoxville, Tennessee. Despite being a political figure, he has been inducted into the WWE hall of fame. You can see his inspirational speech here. Unfortunately, this will most spell the end of Kane’s long and moving career within the WWE.

Big Show

Big Show has always had a strong persona within the wrestling world, and he is also one of the strongest figures. The man stands tall and powerful and has the capability of sending any wrestler to their knockout end. He has seven titles to his name across a variety of championships, including WWE, WCW, ECW, and WWE Heavyweight. Alongside his super strength and size, he is referred to as the “World’s Largest Athlete” because of his enormous personality.

Triple H

Triple H tears up the ring with sheer energy every time he battles it out. He has many titles to his name, including the Tag Team Champion, the Intercontinental Champion (5x), and the World Champion (4x). These accolades alone tell you that he’s one of the strongest forces in the wrestling world. As well as these champion titles, he has also beaten down the likes of Batista, John Cena, The Rock, and the incredible Steve Austin. His finisher “The Pedigree” was powerful and could even take down the likes of The Undertaker.

Although considered one of wrestling’s greatest entertainers ever, he has stepped aside from the ring. Although he isn’t officially retired, you are unlikely to see him back in his Triple H capacity. This doesn’t mean that he doesn’t put work in at the sidelines.

Roman Reigns

The last name to make our list of toughest wrestlers is Roman Reigns, who is the current holder of the Universal Championship title. When focusing on the current era of WWE wrestlers, Reigns is easily the strongest. In 2014, this unit claimed the record for the highest number of wrestlers knocked out in a single Royal Rumble.

Wrestling is a true entertainment art in which you need a strong personality and a solid body to do well. Although the action is dramatised, there’s no denying the sheer energy it must take to perform the moves. With the curtain closing on some of the greatest wrestlers of our time, we are looking forward to the future of WWE.

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