Why Website Optimisation Services Deliver Such a High Return on Investment

Why Website Optimisation Services Deliver Such a High Return on Investment

You may not even know what exactly a website optimisation services company actually does, but that’s the good news. Because if you have no idea what web optimisation is, then that means your website has never been optimised for conversions.

So why is this a good thing? Well, because massive high-tech corporations like Google are hiring website optimisation services themselves and seeing conversion rate increases in the 50% or higher range. To be clear: That is a 50% increase or more in total sales with absolutely zero increase in marketing budget!

OK, sounds great but exacly how is it possible for website optimisation services to deliver such massive increases in conversion rate when you’ve already hired SEO, PPC, SMM, copywriters, and probably even web developers to work on your site? Weren’t any of these people worried about how well you website converted prospects into buyers or qualified leads?

No, actually they weren’t. Web developers may seem like they should be responsible for this very vital function but if they didn’t specifically test and optimise your website immediately after implementation, then it was never done. Because traffic generating professionals like SEO, PPC, or even Social Media marketers only drive traffic, they certainly don’t optimise for maximum conversions.

And copywriters might also seem like likely candidates who might be responsible for website conversion rate but again, they too are often paid and nowhere to be found once a site actually goes live. Since you cannot optimise a website for maximum conversions without live traffic, then it’s almost certain that the copywriter didn’t optimise your site either. In fact, copywriters often lack the website traffic analysis skills necessary to isolate conversion rate problems, let alone know how to fix them.

The simple truth is that despite having loads of Internet Marketing experts potentially work on your website, not a single one of them was specifically working on or even responsible for how the website actually performed. In fact, you likely paid most of them before the website was even live so there was no way anyone was optimising for conversions.

It is for these reasons that legitimate website optimisation services can literally boost online sales and conversions by up to 100% or more. Specifically, here are just a few of the strategies employed by website optimisation services to actually increase conversions:

Optimise Traffic Sources by Identifying and Eliminating Non-Converting Keywords

Fix Weak or Under Performing Direct Response Copywriting Tools

Use Heat Mapping Analysis to Identify Conversion Problems in Your Web Design

Find and Fix Web Programming Problems that Are Slowing Load Times and Harming SEO

Modify Sales Funnel to Increase Percentage of Visitors to Your Primary Landing Pages/PR’s

And Much More

To be honest, website optimisation services don’t exactly use a Point-by-Point formula for all projects because no two sites are exactly the same. In fact, there are several factors that ultimately affect the course of a website optimisation project, including:

Website Business Model: Is your website an e Commerce, Lead Gen, Membership, etc.? The complexity and delivery of website optimisation services will vary greatly depending on the overall business model of the site.

Price Point: For websites selling products or services directly, the price point will certainly affect the testing sample size required to verify results. With zero exceptions, higher price points require significantly larger sample sizes and often more complex website split testing designs to verify the results from website optimisation services.

CMS/Shopping Cart/Hosting Platforms: I will go ahead and just say it: Some websites have some really whacked platforms that never really caught on in the mainstream and yet have somehow managed to linger on and absolutely wreak havoc on some website optimisation projects because no one knows how to use or customise them.

Despite these potential confounding factors, there is no question that website optimisation services deliver the highest of all Internet Marketing services because it is the only one exclusively focused on increasing conversions and online sales. By optimising traffic and on-site factors, website optimisation experts can typically boost online conversions by 50% or more and reduce marketing costs by up to 40% for a dramatic increase in overall profits.

Jon Kreps is a website optimisation expert specialising in increasing online conversions by refining traffic sources and optimising on-site factors. To learn more about how website optimisation services [http://www.conversionomics.com.au/learning-centre/website-optimisation-services-actually-increase-online-sales/] can boost your online sales, just visit: [http://www.conversionomics.com.au] today!


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