How To Style In Summers

How To Style In Summers

Wearing short clothes during summer is more comfortable than wearing jeans or trousers. They are lightweight and keep you cool throughout a warm day. Summer clothes are very versatile, you can wear them with a number of items and get a great look. If you know how to style these clothes properly you can easily wear them anywhere you want, for example in a marketplace, hanging out with friends or on a beach.

So, here are some points to improve your style when you wear summer clothes.

Wear shoes with white socks

Wearing just plain and simple shoes or something like casual lace-up sneakers with white socks gives you a great look with shorts. If you are a person who is not fond of wearing socks then you can wear your shoes without socks and your look will be just as fine if not more dashing. Although socks give extra detail to your appearance and make you stand out more.

What to wear on top

Now that the bottom half of your look is ready, let us see what we have for the top. The most comfortable top-wear would be a smile and plain t-shirt. If you decide to wear a relaxed fit, it will be way more comfortable since it allows the air to get in and around your body and keeps your body cool just like the sport shorts.

Wearing light colors rather than darker ones is a better choice since a dark color would absorb more heat, which is completely opposite to what you are looking for. This look with light-colored t-shirts is a very popular look.

You can also wear a cap to complete your look. It makes you stand out and gives you a proper finish. Adding other accessories like sunglasses, rings or jewelry also improves your look but that is up to you. You can add these things to your sport shorts according to your personal Style in summer. Adding glasses, a cap or hat, and a watch gives you an authentic look.

For much cooler days when you do not want to wear just a t-shirt, what you can do is add a sweater to your look. This will make you much more comfortable on the cooler days and will also look dashing and a great fit. Wearing a jacket with sports shorts also does the same thing for you. Although it might get a little warm, you should wear this when it is pretty cold outside.

If your jacket is too hot and heavy, you can do the same thing with a shirt. You can look casual and effortless by keeping the shirt open or you can just as easily pull off wearing it down your arm. Sports shorts look great with shirts. So you can make it your go-to attire for almost anywhere.

How short is too short

Sometimes guys do not wear these clothes because they are not comfortable with the idea of wearing them too short. So how short is too short? Should a sport short be above the knee or below it? In general, you are going to look much better if your sports shorts do not go below your knees. If you have sports shorts that are longer and go below the knee, you can cuff them. This would make you look much better. The perfect length of your sport shorts should be just above your knee cap, not shorter than that. This look is great for summer and is widely popular.


We hope that you find this article helpful. Some people, especially men, feel a little bit of shame and discomfort when it comes to wearing these types of clothing, but this is all just nonsense. You should wear what makes you comfortable and if you want to Style in summer your look, well here is your answer.

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