A font is a set of characters, letters, or numbers that share an overall look. Fonts are used in all sorts of creative projects because they’re the basis for how we write things. They also play a significant role in boosting your sales pitch deck.

When you’re working on your sales deck, it’s essential to find the right fonts. Doing this allows you to create something that looks good and is easy to read. After all, the font you use is what your customers will be staring at your deck, so it has to be perfect. But what steps should you consider when looking for the right font?

Don’t just settle on something popular or what other people usually use. Some fonts may not work well on your sales pitch presentation. Here are 14 fonts you should always avoid in your sales deck because doing so will make your presentation look amateurish and unprofessional.

1) Comic Sans

You’re probably thinking, “Comic Sans? Really?” Well, it’s true. Few fonts will make your sales decks look worse than this one. It was designed for comics in Microsoft Word and has since evolved into the go-to font of people who like to make their site look like it came from 1997 (including large corporations).

2) Times New Roman

Times New Roman is a safe font to use, but it’s also dull. Your product pitch presentation should be exciting and visually compelling so people will want to read your slides. Using this font—or any other sans serif fonts like Tahoma or Arial—will make your deck boring and unoriginal.

3) Arial

Similar to Times New Roman, Arial is a popular sans serif font that you will see everywhere. It’s safe, and nothing about it stands out as unique or exciting. Just like with Times New Roman, tons of other fonts would look better than this one in your deck.

4) Poppins

As much as we love Mary Poppins, this is not the font you should use in your slides. It’s hard to read when used for paragraphs, so imagine how much harder it will be to scan through all of the slides in your deck.

5) Daunpenh

Daunpenh is a beautiful font, so using more than a few words with it may be distracting. It’s often paired with other ornate fonts like Trajan Pro. However, the combination still looks terrible.

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6) Papyrus

Papyrus is one of the most popular fonts worldwide, but it doesn’t go well for anything other than informal writing like letters or notes. Instead, it’s often paired with Times New Roman and Arial, making the font combination much worse.

7) Freight Sans Pro

Freight Sans Pro is a unique font choice, but it doesn’t work well on slides because of the punctuation marks. Instead, only use this type of font for headlines to keep things legible and easy to read.

8) Trajan Pro

Similarly, Trajan Pro is another popular choice that people use in their design work, but it might be the least legible font you could use in your presentation. You will go crazy trying to read all of the small text, along with the lack of spacing between lines.

9) Curlz MT

The name says it all. Curlz MT is for informal writing like blogging and emails. So when it comes to formal presentations, use more serious and easy-to-read fonts.

10) Goudy Bookletter 19111

Goudy Bookletter is a beautiful font, but it doesn’t work well in all caps because of the many different styles happening at once. It’s distracting and hard to read if you’re trying to go for something simple like this.

11) Papyrus Extended

Like the original Papyrus font, this one is also way too ornate and hard to read when used for a sales pitch deck or your swot analysis.

12) Trajan Pro Bold No. 2

This type of font looks refreshing in print, but it doesn’t work well on slides. It’s challenging to recreate that same look with PowerPoint or Keynote. Plus, all those different styles don’t help.

13) Viner Hand ITC

Viner Hand is an awesomely unique choice, but it can be hard to read if you have a lot of text on the slide. It would probably look best as a headline so you can keep everything else sans serif.

14) P22 19th Century

P22 19th Century is an excellent font for web pages and large bodies of text, but as you can see, it doesn’t play well with others. The only way to use this type of font effectively in your deck is by using one that contrasts or complements it.

Transform Your Pitch Effectively With Venngage

There are a few other fonts that you should avoid when working on your sales deck. But these 14 fonts are the most common fonts that will make your presentation look awful, so be sure to keep them in mind if you’re struggling with what to use.

When it comes down to choosing the perfect font for the best pitch deck ever, always remember these three tips: simplicity, legibility, and originality. If you can follow these guidelines, your slides will look good. They can also aid in getting across all of the essential details in an efficient way. Luckily, Venngage can help you stay away from these mistakes.

With Venngage’s broad sales pitch collection, you can easily customize the templates as you see fit. So tell me, which fonts did we miss? Leave us a comment below!

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